The Story of Mick

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Mercedes-Benz AG is one of the largest manufacturers of premium passenger cars.

“If you live in your comfort zone you are not going to learn much.”

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The Story of Mick

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class Ute is an all-purpose vehicle that is always up for a challenge. It's ideal for the traveller who wants the freedom to go anywhere.

Working with advertising agency, The Royals, we collaborated with recently retired world surfing pro Mick Fanning. Shot in Torquay Victoria, we worked with Mick to capture his excitement at finally getting to explore his own backyard and the adventures ahead after 20 years on the pro surf tour.

The video was received very well by both the agency and client. It’s only recently been launched but is anticipated to do well on social channels.

There was a very small crew so we had to work in a nimble and collaborative way to achieve a good end result.

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