The story of Tom

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Mackillop Family Services

Empowering Children & Families

“That’s how we can break the cycle, by helping our young people understand that their story is important.”

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The Story of Tom

MacKillop Family Services provides support to some of the most vulnerable families in our communities. Their Therapeutic Life Story work enables young people who have experienced the trauma of child abuse and neglect to reflect, develop compassion for themselves and thrive in the community.

This highly emotive true story was used to showcase the great work MacKillop embark on and highlighting the people behind the success stories. For privacy reasons the young boy is an actor, so we made efforts to make the story feel like a real and believable reflection to connect with the audience.

It is currently being used as a tool for awareness and fundraising worldwide with outstanding results.

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Our Client's Testimonial:

“MacKillop has enjoyed working with The Tropics across the full spectrum of our programs and services. The Tropics have an honesty and sensitivity to their work which is very important within the space that we work.”

Sam Patterson,
Director Community Engagement

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