The Story of Dae

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“The face of the game is changing and it’s only going to get more diverse as we go along. Hopefully you boys are apart of that in the future.”

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The Story of Dae

Australia Post supports many programs within Australia with a focus on celebrating cultural diversity and building better neighbourhoods.

This project was in partnership with the AFL, following the journey of a young Australian boy who had been adopted from Korea that had just been selected to play for the AFL world team squad. We follow his journey and see how the experience bonds the boys from all communities together.

The Tropics worked closely with the team so the story could come across as honest and unstaged. The young talent and family were not familiar with being in front of the camera so time was spent to build trust and presence so we could truly capture the story.

The video successfully increased the understanding of Australia Post’s dedication to their Neighbourhood Community Grants.

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