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Curtin Univeristy

Curtin is an innovative, global university.

“We are possibly the greenest University in the world.”

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The Story of Curtin Univeristy

Once again we’ve collaborated with @makemate.com.au to create this piece for Curtin University in Perth. The video was created to help Curtin communicate their newly awarded 6 Star Green Star Communities certification, the highest rating possible and currently the only university in the world with this accreditation.

What's awesome about this? The university is making active, impactful choices for a better environment and future for its students. They are not committing to a vague plan for 2025, they committed years ago, worked hard, kicked the goals and got the rating. Every choice they make on campus has the environment and wellbeing of their students in mind, and they are the first Australian university to have a reconciliation action plan, which is deeply embedded within the university to respect and pass on the stories of the local Noongar Boodja elders to students before their history is lost.

So we jumped at the opportunity to help them tell this story to a young audience.

COVID restrictions created many challenges and learnings related to working remotely and we are grateful and proud of everyone involved.

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